If you cannot connect via a Spark SIM card but you can on other other networks and you have one of our 3G devices please complete the following:

Spark works on Band 850. 



then MORE





NETWORK OPERATOR – choose Spark 3G

To set your digital pen to work on the tablet, on the die of the pen is a pin hole. Press the button in that hole to activate the pen. Ensure the pen has batteries inserted

If you have made some changes in your devices operating system and it doesn’t then work right, whilst it isn’t covered by our warranty, we will help you to get it right.

Contact our technical support team, providing your device serial number. We will send you a link with instructions on how to clean the operating system out.

Because we have to get this from our manufactuer, please allow a couple of days for this free service.

We ship to most countries except those listed by any UN declaration. Goods will not be displatched until clear payment has been received by Global Communications Limited

If we do not have your requested model in stock, generally 20-working days. Your sales consultant will advise you at time of ordering

Refer to our warranty page.

Most work is carried out in our repair centers in New Zealand or Australia. In some cases they may be have to be returned to our factory but we have a real quick turnaround, generally 48-hours.

Here are the instructions for connecting the Q62 handheld devices to their hand grips for bar-code activation:

Windows device

Android Device

There is a transition period to get some products with Google certification which allows downloads via Play Store and all other Google services.

For NON- CERTIFIED Google android devices. loading software is achieved through loading the software via .apk. Your software provider will be able to provide this then it is loaded onto your android device just like ‘normal’ software.

The most common question we get about sim cards is: it doesn’t work. The most common reason is the sim card is inserted the wrong way. Also power off the device before you insert the card.

Windows 10 in S mode is a version of Windows 10 that’s streamlined for security and performance, while providing a familiar Windows experience. To increase security, it allows only apps from the Microsoft Store, and requires Microsoft Edge for safe browsing.

Not all our tablets are Google certified. If it isn’t just means you can’t load software via Play Store but you need to load a .apk file (like a windows software file).

APK Pure is a good source of common software applications: https://apkpure.com/app everything from Uber to Google to Facebook and much more.

No More Forced Windows Updates


Windows 10 is apparently going to be Microsoft’s last version of Windows, with feature updates added incrementally over time. As part of this new way of thinking, Microsoft have decided that every computer with Windows 10 installed will be automatically updated with the latest features – regardless of whether you want them or not.

For home and business users, this generally makes good sense, but for industrial customers, an unexpected change to the O/S can have a major impact on the functionality of a system. This is where Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC comes in – it allows you to manage which Windows updates are installed, or even disable updates completely.


Additional Features


Windows 10 IoT Ent LTSC (or Windows 10 Enterprise Internet of Things Long Term Service Channel, to give it its full name!) also includes some technical advantages over Windows 10 OEM, that help to further improve the reliability of your embedded computer. These include:

Unified Write Filter (UWF): Write protect files, folders or partitions to prevent corruption of data from sudden power loss and stop unauthorised modification of the system – reboot and it will be factory fresh.

USB, keyboard and gesture filters: Manage which USB devices, keyboard shortcuts and gestures are allowed on you system. For example, you can disable Ctrl + Alt + Del or prevent USB pen drives from being detected.

Dialogue box & notification filter: Control which notifications will be seen by the user and provide automatic responses to dialogue boxes.

App Locker, Layout Control, Shell Launcher & App Launcher: These all add additional control over how Windows appears and functions


Lower Cost


In addition to the obvious technical advantages, Microsoft have revised their approach to licencing costs. Now, if you are building a lower performance system, you will pay significantly less for your Windows licence when compared to an all-singing, all-dancing Core i7 behemoth – which seems fair enough.


10+ Year Availability & Worldwide Shipping


If the additional technical features and lack of forced updates are not enough to convince you, then you might also be interested to know that each version of Windows 10 Enterprise IoT LTSC will be available at least 10 years from launch. Microsoft are suggesting that a new LTSC version will be launched every 2 years or so.

Also, industrial PCs using Win 10 Enterprise IoT LTSC can be shipped worldwide.


Using Edge, Cortana or Windows Store?


So, all of this IoT stuff sounds great, what’s the catch? Well, if you need to use Edge, Cortana or the Windows Store, you’ll need to look elsewhere, as none of these features are included with IoT Enterprise. Apart from that, you’re good to go.

You still have access to all of the business features that you’d find on Windows 10 Pro, including Domain JoinGroup Policy Management and BitLocker, as well as all of the Enterprise level features, including Direct AccessAppLockerBranchCache and Smart Screen Control with Group Policy.

What do I do if there is a problem with the product?
It depends what the problem is, but generally email sales@globalcommunications.co.nz and we will help you from there.

Where can I get technical assistance for the product?
Go to https://www.globalcommunications.co.nz/service-request-form/

Where can I comment on your service?
You can [rovide us feedback by emailing our CEO & Managing Director, good or bad to paul@globalcommunications.co.nz

Why is what I ordered takes time to get to me?
To reduce our overheads and therefore your buy price, we only hold a little amount of stock. And our units are often customisable. Hence why we do offer one of the shortest lead times around.

Why have you charged me when the item ordered is on order?
We need to guarantee that the order will be fulfilled. Without a firm order, any incoming stock will first be distributed to those who did place firm orders, and only if there is excess stock will any be allocated to those without firm orders. It has also been our experience that when payment is not required for items on order, such orders are often abandoned by the customer without notice.

Why do order dates change?
The ETA you are supplied with is our estimate of when stock is due. This information can change at any moment, and it is something we have no control over. On the odd occasion, a product might have components delayed, but we will notify you.

Need Help?

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Our shipment time back to normal

I am pleased to advise that as of 18th February our shipments from China are back to normal.

Thanks to many for your patience.


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