Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

My tablet freezes or just not quite working right

Preform a hard reset: this is like a kick start of the tablet and will often reset things. Hold the on-off button down for approx. 20 seconds. You will see the red light come back on and the tablet will reset.

I push the on switch but my tablet doesn't start

Your GlobComm tablet is an industrial grade. In order to prevent accidental starting of a tablet you need to press the on button for about 3-seconds to start.

Why doesn't my pen on my tablet work?

Our pens aren’t connected through Bluetooth. On the side of the pen is a pin hole. With the tablet turned on, use a pin or similar and gently insert and set the pen.

Need Help?

Call our Sales Team 0800100726 (+6479749265), please refer to our contact us page for our sales team hours.