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DROK DC 6-55V to 0-50V 5A Power Supply Module

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It is a 12V 24V Power Supply Module/CNC Digital Controller + Digital Meter, Input voltage range: DC 6~55V, Output voltage range: DC 0~50V, Output current range: 0~5A, It has small size, high efficiency, long term stable and reliable quality, easy installation and use, Suitable for the power supply to our tablets on forklifts. Adjustable to give the tablet that little more power so it is continually charging for 24/7 use.


input voltage6~55V
output current0~5A
output power0~250W
output voltage0~50V
output ways1

Parameters, wiring instruction, tips


  • Input voltage range: DC 6~55V
  • Output voltage range: DC 0~50V
  • Output current range: 0~5A
  • Output power range: 0~250W
  • Output voltage resolution: 0.01V
  • Output current resolution: 0.001A
  • Output voltage measurement accuracy: ±(0.5% + 1 digit)
  • Output current measurement accuracy: ±(0.5% + 2 digits)
  • Product dimension: 79 x 43 x 48mm
  • Open size: 71 x 39mm
  • Note: You must make sure that power supply input voltage must be 1.1 times more than the output.

Wiring Instrucition:

  • IN+: input positive OUT+: output positive
  • IN-: input negative OUT-: output negative


1. The input voltage range is DC 6 ~ 55V and 55V is the maximum voltage, so please leave room for usage, or the module will be burnt.

2. The input must be DC-DC, unable to use AC 220V to directly supply electricity, or else the module will also be burnt.

3. Although electric converter has input reverse polarity protection and output short-circuit protection,

you must be in strict accordance with connection description to connect.

If you connect power supply to the output terminal, this module may be burnt.

4. When the dc dc converter is used to charge battery or to be capacitive load,

it must be in positive series connection with a diode, or the module will be damaged.

By the way, we will provide a diode.

Wiring loom

Match this to our custom forklift wiring loom, which is supplied with instructions for easy installation.

Package Contents

1 x DC-DC CNC Power Supply Module + Digital Meter