The Customer Requirements: A cornerstone of our fleet management program is collecting operational job data and conducting fleet audits and checks. This is done through our iTSSA tablet and desktop software. This allows fast, automated data collection by the fleet servicemen and immediate use of the information by the branch and customer. This means that we needed a tablet solution that could withstand the rugged outdoor nature of the tyre industry. We also needed it to have an extensive range of connective capabilities including ethernet, wifi, 4G, USB, bluetooth, barcode scanning and more. Carters needed to find all this in a tablet with responsive processing power at a reasonable price.

The End Result: The GC16 tablet that was suggest ticked all the boxes and was rapidly rolled out to all stores and fleet servicemen. Since then we have been pleased with the performance and durability of these tablets. For our latest tablet deployment, going with the new GC16k has been an easy decision.

About Us: Carters Tyre Service is a 100-percent New Zealand owned commercial and retail tyre company. The commercial tyre market is a very competitive industry and the superior service Carter’s provides, is one of our big point of differences. We provide this service by combining our product knowledge and range with the Carter’s fleet management program. This fleet management program allows us to track and report overall fleet health, minimize vehicle downtime and unscheduled work, improve safety with automatic notifications, while achieving the lowest possible cost per kilometre. As an independent, family owned business, we pride ourselves on providing the very best products and services for our customers’ vehicles and their fleets.

The Customer Requirements: FCL Metering is an end to end Metering Equipment Provider to the Energy Retail and Consumer markets. Specialising in bespoke installations, We provide Smart (AMI) and Legacy meter installations and asset management, including Data and Field Services.

We were needing a tough, reliable field device for a project to upgrade meter programs

Our Solution: We were offered a wide range of devices, making it easy to choose the best product for our needs. We also had a unit available  for initial product testing and suitability, making it easy to see and use what was available in the brochure.

The End Result: The GC16 was the right one for the project, enabling us to complete the project of upgrading 16,000 meters in locations where there was low or no cellular coverage.


The Customer Requirements: We needed tablets that were good value for money and have good visibility in daylight, had good battery life and could support both windows and android. These were to go into search and rescue, forestry plus other areas. They needed to provide mapping functions and support situational awareness applications.

They needed to be usable in a vehicle with good GPS capture inside the vehicle. They needed a good low profile docking station as well as being able to break out USB and also Ethernet as a value add. The unit needed to be powered off the vehicle.

We also needed a user carry-able unit that had USB and power supply. We have shown Globcom the ideal solution we want re a micro dock to bring out USB etc from the base of the unit. This keeps the IP rating up and also reduce damage to the USB socket. The suppliers are adaptable and are receptive to the ideas feeding them back to the manufacturer to enhance the product.

The Solution: Using situational awareness in the field and connecting via RNDIS (Ethernet over USB) into Mototrbo DMR radios. Also uses WLAN and cellular when able.
Customers like the concept.

The End Result: Successful field testing with a view to rolling out a bigger fleet of tablets providing  bright daylight screens etc.

The Customer Requirements: Bus Travel NZ is the only contracted bus service supplier directly for the Auckland Airport carrying over 2 million passengers per year. We also operate a private commercial service called “The Yellow Bus” which provides travelers with a service between the airport and various hotels in the Airport area. The service runs 24 hrs a day 365 days a year and is an integral part of live at the Auckland Airport.

For our commercial Yellow Bus Service we needed to move from an archaic paper based system to a modern electronic ticketing system that customers could pre purchase tickets online as well as tickets from sites at the terminals to be electronically validated on the buses. This would require specific software to be written and a simple but rugged solution as hardware on the buses.

Our Solution: Rugged tablets, bar code scanners and thermal ticket printers. All which could be powered from a 24v source and withstand the mobile environment of a bus with vibration, voltage spikes heat and dust but be reliable and durable.

The End Result: The outcome has been a easy to use reliable ticketing system that has increased revenue and provided back office reporting and patronage data. Big improvement on our previous system that is now an integral part of our business.

The Customer Requirements:Customer uses multiple forkilfts in and around their worksite, moving lots of pallets destined for delivery offshore, each identified by printed barcodes. With seasonal personnel as the primary operators of the equipment, the equipment needed to be familiar (Domain-joined and locked down, Windows 10), tough and able to withstand working in coolstore environments.

The Solution: A set of GC16 tablets (each paired with their own Bluetooth scanner) was compared to other similar products. Apples for Apples they all seemed to be about twice the price so bang for buck, the GlobComm ST16 won hands down.

The End Result: The GC16’s are doing exactly what was promised and the client is very satisfied with the result, so much so that they have just ordered more of them.

The Customer Requirements: Turks is a family owned poultry business. It uses a warehouse product tracking program in the chiller area for stock control and deliveries.

The Solution: GC16 tablets paired with their own Bluetooth scanner. It uses a warehouse product tracking program in the chiller area. 

The End Result: Simon Rowe, IT manager for Turks reports that the tablets have been very reliable and have worked very well including in cold conditions.

Turks is a family-owned business has been proudly raising corn-fed chickens on select farms in the Horowhenua, New Zealand since 1966 and in recent years has been also raising corn-fed, free range chickens.

About the Reseller: Having worked with computers since 1988 as an interest, then pretty seriously – starting Oasis PCs was a natural progression when I retired after over 30 years in the NZ Police in 2004.
Customers know I will understand their needs and trust me to transform them along with any areas of concern into great solutions and that is why I work with RUGGEDTAB.

The Customer Requirements: An affordable complete solution for mobile parcel ticket scanning that was user friendly and easily uploadable to our database and that could be adapted to meet changing needs

The Solution: Coural has been a client of ours for about 3-4 years. In 2020 they changed the to RUGGEDTAB T52 as it proved its worth after trials and the added bonus with a speedy 2D scanner and GMS, at a very good price.

The End Result: We achieved all goals in terms of hardware and software. The mobile scanning solution has enabled us to significantly reduce, with the goal of completely eliminating, the paper based ticket data collection system. We are also well placed to move into the next phase where we scan partner company tickets and eliminate our own tickets.

Coural (Rural Couriers Society Limited) is a cooperative company, owned by 550 independent rural delivery contractors with a network that covers the whole country.

Customer Requirements:  Mainstream is an innovative New Zealand freight company, specialising in NZ and international shipping, transport and logistics. That’s why they invested heavily in clever technology that makes using Mainstream faster and easier than ever before.

The Solution: The RUGGEDTAB GC16 inWindows 10 Pro with our forklift bundles to prvode one solution across all business and their warehsouing networks in Auckland, Hamilton and in the South Island.

The End Result: Now with over 39 units they have eliminated errors and freed up time making the area much more productive.

The tablets provided a very cost effective solution.